Dear visitors,

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. Things in my life are changing. School is getting more serious, time is getting more precious and priorities are changing. Things are being taken up and some are being let go of.

Therefore, it is my sad duty to say that I am shutting down Chibi Sonic.

This decision has come on for a number of reasons. One is time. I'm getting very little time to update my site, and little time to actually make the content to update it with. Plus I'm promising too much stuff that I can't even keep. The big surprise that I had? Check out TSS for that (site skins).

Another reason would probably be the forum. It totally flopped, and the head admin has also left. Therefore, the forum is also dead.

The biggest reason I guess is that I'm just not interested in making a Sonic site anymore. My interests have changed around a bit and web mastering a Sonic site just isn't one of them anymore. Besides, there are heaps of other Sonic sites out there delivering the same things and containing the same content. I guess my site was just one in a sea of million.

But, Chibi Sonic hasn't been a complete failure. Chibi Sonic's life has been short, sweet and very successful. In it's life span I have gotten over 600 page views and this site was a finalist in the SSA! That is something that I am really proud of.

I'd just like to take a minute to thank everybody who has visited my site, sticking with it through thick and thin (and random upload times). None of this would be possible without you.

As a memento, I am keeping the actual site up. There will be no more updates, I know that, but you can just browse around and look at the small Sonic site that could have been.

Who knows? I may return, one day...


I bid you all farewell, and good luck with everything!